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    When I was a small child, my family moved from Southern Indiana to the Hammond-East Chicago area and later to Gary.  However, while growing up I spent almost every summer in Southern Indiana, developing an ongoing interest in rural life and scenery that is reflected in my landscape, still life, and wild life paintings.
    I started drawing at an early age, encouraged by elementary school teachers.  During high school I studied pencil, charcoal, and pen and ink drawing at the Chicago Art Institute.  I took courses at the Hammond Arts League, which later became Northern Indiana Arts Association, in colored pencil sketching and watercolor.  I have studied oil painting under the late Charles Untillas (Northern Indiana Arts Association) and Glen Wilson (Gary Arts League).  I have also worked with Robert Hoffman and Mark Polamchak.
I have taught classes at Gary Arts League (now defunct), Hobart Arts League, Chicago Heights Senior Citizens Center, and Christian Home Schooling Association as well as in my studio. ;  I have taught the Hobart Parks and Recreation Department’s Art in the Park Program and the Northern Indiana Arts Association Outreach Program as well as at the Hobart Arts League and at the Chesterton Art Center.
    In recent years, I have served as vice president and art fair chairman for Hobart Arts League and currently serve on the Board for Chesterton Art League.